Nude Numbers (#6)

For reference, here’s last week’s data.


As mentioned earlier, I may have a stress fracture. Considering that, this was a good week. I started to learn how to swim, and while weight was still shooting up at the beginning of the week, I got my weight back below 160 by the end (I reduced my calories intake by about 500 calories/day). The marathon and bike-ride plans are still in danger, but if the injury is a stress fracture (hopefully), I can be back on the training plan in about 4 weeks.

Subjective Data

  1. I wasn’t really able to move before Wednesday when I saw a sports-MD. He gave me a leg brace/boot which means I could hobble more effectively.
  2. Leg feels a lot better after 5 days in the boot. I was able to stand at home yesterday and hobble around without pain.
  3. A lot of people suggested swimming to keep my cardio-fitness level high while I recover. I’ve never swam for exercise before, but I started this week. Wow. That’s hard. Why didn’t someone mention that?
  4. My back and shoulders were pretty sore and tired after Saturday’s swim, so I took Sunday off (trying to be better about listening to my body).
  5. I still think I’m at a lower body fat than the 16.0% my scale is reading on “normal” setting. For reference it’s reading 10.8% on “athlete” setting.

Objective Data

Click here for a PDF version of my dashboard.


First off, thanks to everyone for their great suggestions on what to do while I recover. A lot of folks suggested swimming, so I’m trying that. I’m also making sure my non-heavy lifting days are very cardio intensive to make sure I get my HR up (Thanks Amy).

I was much better this week about calorie intake and was religious about eating every 3-4 hours. It paid off in the data towards the end of the week (went from peak of 164 to 158, and while I know most of it was water weight and error of margins of scale, it still made me happy).

Lastly, apart from a miserable start to the week when it was painful to move, I’ve been excited and having fun learning something new (swimming). I definitely suck at it, but I’m sucking less each day (which is good, because sucking water while breathing ain’t nice). I did buy a copy of Total Immersion and will read it over the next few weeks.

As usual, if you have suggestions, leave a comment, or reach me at “art (at)”.


  1. Continue rest, rest, resting the leg. I’m going to wear the boot for at least 2 weeks before I start trying to walk without it.
  2. Keep up the swimming (I’m going to target 4-5 days of swimming and gradually build up laps). J is afraid I’ll start doing triathlons as a result, but I promised her “not this year” J
  3. Keep doing the upper-body and core lifting. I’ll also start working in some left-leg leg drops (harder than you think…) in the hopes my right leg muscle decides to not atrophy out of solidarity.
  4. Keep 2,000-2,250 calories-per-day target to keep weight under control.
  5. Keep smiling.

Presentation Notes

I added swim data this week, and put a little reminder of the goal (and red/yellow/green status for how I’m tracking). I don’t have a gray target zone for swimming since it’s not on the official plan, and I don’t know what’s reasonable for my body yet. As with last week, data is presented in SOAP Note format.

– Art

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