Nude Numbers

I’ll post these on Mondays on my way to the Marathon. This is a view of the stats I track as I’m trying to change my overall health.

Subjective Data:

I’m probably being too aggressive in my calorie control, as I felt quite tired and weak on my Thursday spinning ride. My shoulder continues to nag me slightly, so I’ve switched to mostly core and leg work in the weight room to give it more time to recover. I didn’t get any bike time in this weekend because I was in Jacksonville all weekend and didn’t have my bike.

My running improved as I worked on my stride, and I’m starting to feel comfortable with my new, less pounding, way of running. My ten mile run on Sunday was actually ‘easy’ – jeez.

Objective Data:

Weekly Stats 20070618


Well, I recovered (mostly) from my shoulder injury and you can see that in the time spent back in the weight room. I did a 10 mile run on Sunday in 90 minutes, which I’m quite happy with. I’ve decided to adjust my calorie intake upwards a little to give me more energy during the week, so I expect that my weight will start to creep up a little. We’ll see.


1) Continue to ramp up running mileage. I’m cheating on the bike stuff at the moment given I spent most of the winter spinning, but I need to make sure I get some long rides in on the weekend to get my ass used to the seat.

2) Slightly tweak up my calorie intake – I shouldn’t fade in energy as the week goes on.

3) Get one long ride in this weekend.

– Art

p.s. I have weight and fat tracking back to last September if folks are interested, but only started breaking out the run and bike data four weeks ago.

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