Pain, Suffering & Financial Loss

I began my fund-raising work today.  So far, I’m at $250 of my $5,000 minimum (and my $10,000 big hairy goal).  Thanks to all who donated so far.

If you’re curious why I’m doing this, it’s because I’m a Student of the Cortez School of Management.  If you’re wondering, why I’m writing about it, it’s because I’m Running Naked.

I posted the following on my web-site:

If you donate money to Team Continuum, an organization dedicated to caring for people with cancer, you will force me to:

  1. Bike over 170 miles one weekend in September.
  2. Run 26.2 miles another weekend in November.
  3. Pay out up to $2,500 of my own money to match 25% of your donation.

Interested?  Read on for more.

The Details

You are included on this email because you are special to me…and I feel close enough to hit you up for money.  I need your help.  I’ve been trying to change a lot of things about how I live my life over the last year, including giving back more to the world that has given so much to me.

As part of this goal, I committed to raise a minimum of $5,000 by November for Team Continuum, a charity that cares for the immediate needs of cancer patients.  They do things like give gifts to children in cancer hospitals during the holiday season, help patients pay for travel to get treatment, and fund a nutritionist for a cancer center (Continuum Cancer Center) that did not have enough resources.  Most donations to other cancer causes support research that won’t really benefit people suffering today.  Team Continuum does an excellent job of helping fill that gap, and so I’m excited to support them.

How am I supporting them (and hopefully earning your support):

  1.  I will ride my bike from New York to Rhode Island (about 170 miles) in 2 days in September with 16 other team members raising money for the cause.
  2. I will complete the New York Marathon in November with over 30,000 other runners.
  3. J and I will donate $0.25 of our own money for every $1 you donate, up to $2,500.

Please sponsor me either to support me, or in support of someone you know that is battling cancer or a loved one that you have lost. All donations are tax deductible.

The Benefits to You!

Think about it!  If you donate to the cause you’ll get the following benefits:

  1. You’ll support an awesome cause.
  2. You’ll get a righteous tax deduction (with matching receipt). 
  3. You’ll be directly sponsoring a lot of physical pain for me – which (especially if you’ve worked with me) is something you know I deserve J.
  4. You’ll force Jenny and me to spend money as well!

It’s a no lose proposition!

How to Donate

You can donate directly by clicking here, or if you’d rather not donate online, send me e-mail and I’ll send you a form to print out.Lastly while $5,000 is the minimum, I’d love to blow that out of the water.  Whatever you can give, I truly appreciate your support.

How to Play Along at Home

You can track my progress on my blog:, where I will attempt to be transparent (Run Naked) on my progress. 

Thank you, – Art

1 thought on “Pain, Suffering & Financial Loss

  1. Luke Weisman Miratrix

    Art! Dan L. pointed me to this. I have to say, I am filled with joy to know such a person as you. The concept of running naked is beautifully put, and admirable. Your posts are furthermore clever and thoughtful–you are an amazing guy and I really hope you are doing well. Thanks for the atheism stuff; I get to throw it at some friends to further my own points. Write me sometime, if you like. I would have emailed you, but I can’t figure out how.


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