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True Strength

tajSome crumple beneath a bundle of feathers, blind to anything but the load.

Others strap the mountain effortlessly upon their shoulders and march, strengthened by the view of the palace they build on the plains below.

And a small few carry the others, ignoring all strain, for in their minds the palace is already built. They must merely dance their steps to make the towers shine in an eternity of future sunrises.

Branding Matters

Given his fearsome rooster-like war cry that matched his costume’s red mohawk, and his super magical strength as a Germanic demon, the fact that his archenemy Spiderman always tittered when he attacked confused and confounded the Cockgoblin.

Let Chaos Reign

Who is more powerful, the lion or the bee?
Who is more important, the lion or the bee?
Without the lion, we will have chaos.
Without the bee, we will have annihilation.
If slaughtering the lion can save the bees,
Let chaos reign.