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The Wages of Sin

One day my friend and I debated how much it cost to run Heaven, versus Hell. My instinct was Hell, with its brimstone furnaces, and complex descending circles of punishment, was clearly more expensive to maintain.

“Not so,” he argued. “We’ve seen proof that Heaven is Hotter than hell, so the heating bill of paradise is higher.  As for other costs, those hosts of angels are singing for their supper. They don’t come for free.”

“Hah,” I proclaimed! “If we include labor, given the amount of  evil in the world, Hell must be orders of magnitude more populous than Heaven. In manpower costs alone, the wage burden must be overwhelming.”

“You misunderstand,” he said. “The wages of sin are virtually nothing. Hell is staffed, and populated, purely by volunteers.”

The Big Picture

George, who only saw the ear, thought it a greying tarp.

Oliver, who only saw the tusk, thought it an iconic tower.

David, who only saw the leg, thought it a noble oak.

Only Ian, who saw the whole, understood it was a parable.