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Sub-Standard Deviant

While obtaining his degree in statistics at a world-renowned mathematics university, Carl’s inauthentic dalliances with punk rock, gothic clothing, and anarchism fooled no-one, including himself.

At best, he was one sub-standard deviation from the norm.

Source: Dall-E picture using this joke as a prompt.

One Does Not Drive The Ocean

One does not drive the ocean
Nor cage the seas
Nor calm the waters

Waterways open today
Are closed tomorrow
As forces beyond control
Remake the world 

That does not mean
One sits in irons
Awaiting the tsunami

Break out the sextants
Look to the stars
Put fingers in the air
Hoist, hoist, hoist

Source: Dall-E picture using this poem as a prompt.

Work-Life Dancing

Work-life balance implies static harmony — stacked stones upon the sea shore. Yet a strong wind, or a dogs leg, can cause a tumble.

Work-life dancing is more my ideal: graceful gliding across the floor, neither too much stillness nor stumbling; smooth transitions reacting to the world’s music.

So I seek to dance with grace, and recognizing a child’s dance (as it discovers its body) has its own grace, I acknowledge I am still but a babe.

Source: Dall-E picture using this poem as a prompt.

Thought #34

If I must choose between saving the world
and not being an asshole,
I will save the world.

But the chances
I’ll save the world solo
are infinitesimally minuscule,

And an asshole
that saves the world
is still an asshole.

Thought #32

Those who are reckless 
Rarely end wreckless;
Those who are careful
Often end cared for.

But the dance 
Before the crash
Warms the blood
And stirs the soul.

And the cautious man
Is the forgotten man.

Poems For Her #4

It’s possible,
That you know
When Edgar visits
Pancakes and toast
Are off the menu.

It’s conceivable,
You miserable, vomitous mass,
That you know
Shaking brooms and
Golden eggs
Are rituals of love.

And that to the pain
Is the inevitable end.
But perhaps
We have the strength
To stand together
After all.