A. B. Clarke

Month: March, 2016

03 – Proud Richard

by abclarke

Proud Richard was blessed with a slick wick.
With Snapchat he’d click, click, and click.
But finally he learned,
After each spurn and spurn,
Ain’t no one be wantin’ poor Dick’s pic.

20 – Failure

by abclarke

I examine my failures at home.
Just faux pas, for which I atone.
I see no success,
Yet smile; Acquiesce.
Familiar impostor syndrome.

27 – The Magpie

by abclarke

“Philosophy,” cawed out the magpie,
“And selflessness, I claim to live by.
But in truth it’s for naught,
For my soul has been bought:
Without my silver, I would die.”

Not Golf

by abclarke

You have to hit the ball from where it lies. But you don’t need to use the same club. Or, if you think deeply about it, even a club at all.


by abclarke


Reframe? Reform? Reimagine?


33 – The Patriot

by abclarke

She fights in the name of liberty,
Risking her personal security,
But fails to hypothesize
That groups need much compromise:
Freedom’s a lonely purity.