A. B. Clarke

Month: November, 2015

Thank You

by abclarke

Thank you for legs.
For wheezing.
For huffing.
For sweating.
And sunrise.

Thank you for chaos.
For creativity.
For students.
For teachers.
And work.

Thank you for walls.
For roofs.
For small spaces.
For blankets and cushions.
And home.

Thank you for others.
For lovers.
For friends.
For joy.
And being a part of something.

Thank you for solitude.
For pain.
For grief.
For sadness.
And being apart from something.

Thank you for eternities.
For infinities.
For paradoxes.
For awe.
And thank you for thank you.

Behind The Curtain

by abclarke

Danseuse enchants on stage,
Wisping elegance astride the shrouds,
Luminous grace between the drapes.

But behind the curtain,
Where no one sees,
She knows only darkness.

At This Stage

by abclarke

The Dean thanked his footman while alighting from his stage, walked into the hall and strode onto the stage, where the graduation was staged to celebrate the stage his students had reached.

Infinite Shakespeare Theorem

by abclarke

Corollary to the Infinite Monkey Theorem:

Given an infinite amount of time, a William Shakespeare punching at random on a typewriter would almost surely, out of frustration, eventually fling poo.