A. B. Clarke

Month: April, 2018


by abclarke

Long time ago,
Rock strong, alone.
Water comes.
And crash.
Long time ago,
Rock strong, alone.
Water comes.
And crash.

Now Rock is Sand.
Now Water brushes Sand.
Now Crab nests in Sand.
Now Water caresses Sand.
Now Dog frolics on Sand.
Now Water teases Sand.
Now Child plays with Sand.
Now Water kisses Sand.

And Sand ponders,
Long time ago,
Had, God forbid,
Water never come,
Would Rock strong, alone,
Have had the strength
To go to Water
And crash?

Artificial Intelligence

by abclarke

Talking with engineers about artificial intelligence reminds me of when I was fourteen and talking to my friends about sex.

Everyone is interested in it.
Everyone thinks everyone else is doing it.
Everyone claims they are doing it.
And everyone thinks it’s going to be awesome once they do it.

Few people are actually doing it.
Few people know the messiness of it.
Few people understand it.
But those few people know it’s pretty awesome once you do it.

A Digital World

by abclarke

In a digital world, without power you’re dead.

In a digital world without power, we’re all dead.

Reminds me of something…

by abclarke

Florida is a short, stubby, dangling appendage lurking beneath America’s pot belly that every once in a while does something the rest of the US regrets.