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My name is Art Clarke and this is where I post thoughts I have about lots of different topics. In general, most have to do with transparency and my learning how to live the life I’m trying to live. I’ve used it alot in business management, and am now applying it to my personal goals as well.


I encourage you to come back regularly for updates, leave comments (I read all and reply to most), or send me e-mail at art (at) if you prefer to not publically post.

Here’s a summary of the major posts so far:

Article What it’s about
The Rules of Naked Management The philosophies and practices I use when trying to manage and motivate transparent teams.
The Cortez School of Management Why I’m “Running Naked”, how I got here, and what I’m trying to achieve.
How I Lost 25 Pounds by Being a Manager A series of posts where I discuss 5 rules I’ve used for managing change professionally, and how I applied them to lose weight and get back in shape.
Why Doctors Use Soap An introduction to a way of solving problems and tracking progress in both professional and personal contexts.
Daydreaming, Laziness and Looking at the Negative How I tackle goals in my life. Seriously 🙂
The Pragmatic Path to Agnosticism A series of posts where I “run naked” on how I approach Spirituality and the nature of an Awesome Universe.


4 thoughts on “Start Here

  1. vic20

    This is catholism all over again – you are made to feel guilty for being imperfect, and you dedicate your efforts to improving yourself so that you can be forgiven.

    How about accepting yourself for who you are, warts and all?


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