A. B. Clarke

Month: May, 2019

Carpe Diem

by abclarke

Image result for hang gliding

I thought “carpe diem” meant
Seize the day
And wrest the world
To my whim
My will,
And my way.

Yet time
And time
And time again, 
I was blown back.

Now I know “carpe diem” means
Seize the day, 
And hold on.
Lean my mind, 
And my soul
Into the world;

So like a hang-glider,
I soar
Or dive
As the world’s wind blows.

I Want What You Have

by abclarke

I think about I a lot.
I should…
I have…
I want…

I think about them a lot
They should…
They have…
I want…

You think about them a lot.
They need..
We should…
We give…

I want what you have.

Triangulating the Truth

by abclarke

Image of a triangulation surveying system from the 1700s.

Each reference point,
from different angles,
improves our understanding
of the terrain.

I know this.
I understand this.

Yet when it comes to my soul,
I discard your perspective,
and your advice,

For surely
my scope alone
can understand the world.

On Meditation

by abclarke

Meditation Image

Each day I sit,
And often,
In a moving experience,
I become enlightened.

I wipe myself
And think:
I should really meditate.