A. B. Clarke

Month: February, 2016

10 – Ownership

by abclarke

Renouncing sharing in defiance,
Possession is a strange alliance
Between men bound by law,
Hiding truth so so raw:
“Ownership” is threats of violence.

05 – Silicon Valley

by abclarke

Her startup was known to innovate
With cheaper ammonium nitrate.
But attempts to disrupt
Caused disorderly conduct,
She explained to her brand new inmate.

32 – Venture

by abclarke

The Valley digs bodies from the rubble,
Just detritus that popped from the bubble.
The Sandhill high elves
Chuckle to themselves:
It totally was worth the trouble.

04 – Black Rock

by abclarke

He drove to the sands in September
At Black Rock  — a week to remember!
But wore no protection
To save his erection.
“Burning man” describes his poor member.