2008 Fitness Goals: How’d I Do?

Wow… it’s been a while since I posted.  But here goes.

As a reminder here was my set of 2008 fitness goals outlined in this post. The goals were:

  • Complete the Philadelphia Triathlon on June 22th.
  • Complete the New York Marathon on November 2nd.
  • Increase my weight to around 175-180 lbs by end of 2008, but keep my waist around 32-inches (i.e. muscle, not fat).

How’d I do?

Well, as I posted in my last post, I successfully ran the Philly Triathlon.  And believe it or not, I completed my first Marathon on November 2nd in New York, finishing in a time of 4:20, despite having a severely strained calf muscle and having to walk in a boot for 4 weeks afterwards (don’t ask).  As for the third goal… as of right now I’m 165 still.

That said, something had to give as a lot of other things have been going on in my life.

For example, in July J and I packed our bags of New York and moved back to San Francisco so she could start her long-term career at UCSF.

At the same time, the pace at my company really started ramping up with a co-founder onboard.  How much.  Well as of right now, here’s where we are:

  1. We’ve officially launched the beta of our first product, a free and open-source tool that lets Java programmers modify live Internet-broadcasted video on the fly.
  2. We came out of hiding with our official company name: www.xuggle.com
  3. And we’ll be “officially” launching on-stage at the FITC conference in Amsterdam Feb 24-26.

All in, I’m quite happy with 2008.

For 2009, my fitness goals are:

  • maintain current weight, and try to run at least 3 times per week

That’s it.  Because I have a sneaking suspicious that work might be a little crazy this year.

As for blogging, personal blogging is taking a backseat to company blogging.  That said, if you want to keep in touch, I still monitor the comments, or send me e-mail at art.clarke(at)gmail.com

Thanks to anyone who’s still reading.

– Art

3 thoughts on “2008 Fitness Goals: How’d I Do?

  1. GNP

    Congrats on a successful 2008 and good luck with 2009! Just checked out your new web site. Very cool. But very lame that your cat doesn’t have an email address and doesn’t pull his own weight with the coding. =)


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