2008 Fitness Goals

In the spirit of Running Naked, it’s time to declare my 2008 Fitness goals, and to lay out my winter training plan. Here goes.

Looking Back

Looking back on my former 2007 fitness goals, my performance was mixed. I did not succeed in running the New York Marathon. But I did successfully complete the following:

  1. Finished the Jack Brown charity bike ride.
  2. Got my body fat below 10% (9% at lowest).
  3. Without a doubt, I am now in the best shape I’ve ever been in (and yes Myfanwy, it is nice to know I can kick my 20-year-old ass J ).
  4. While doing this, we raised over $15,000 for Team Continuum (against a BHAG of $10,000) (thanks again everyone!).

So all in, I’d give myself a C+ or B- on the goals (big hit for missing the marathon), which I’m really really happy with!

Looking Forward

For 2008 I’m shooting for three large goals.

  • I have agreed to race the Philadelphia Triathlon with some friends on June 22th. I’ve never done a Triathlon before, so this will be a biggie. Let me know if you’re interested in joining me.
  • I am going to run a marathon. I’ll either do the New York (November) or the Dublin (October 27th) marathon, and I’ll decide which closer to the time. I have a guaranteed spot in both. If you’re interested in running either of those, let me know, and it’ll influence my selection (although if my aunt runs Dublin, I’m in too).
  • I’m going to try to increase my weight to around 175-180 lbs by end of 2008, but keep my waist around 32-inches (i.e. muscle, not fat).

Lessons Learned (Hopefully)

Those are pretty aggressive goals for next year, and if I ask myself what the major risks are they are:

  1. I need to more slowly ramp up than last year and not train through injuries.
  2. I need to learn how to swim.
  3. I need to add a lot of muscle to my frame.

Winter Fitness Goals

With those risks in mind, I have the following goals for the winter (while I freeze in New York):

  • Weight: Go from 158 lbs to 168 lbs +/- 2 lbs by 3/31
  • Abdomen/Body Fat: Maintain abdomen at 32 +/- 2 inches through 3/31, and ensure abdomen is at 32 +/- 0.5 inches on week of 3/31
  • Swim: Be able to swim 1,000 yards without stopping by 3/31
  • Strength: Increase my 1-Rep Resting Maximum (1RM) by 5% over my November test by 3/31.

Basically the prescription is lots of swimming, weight lifting and eating. I’ll do some spinning/biking to maintain cardio fitness, and gradually start returning to running as well to test out the foot. I decided on March 31st over March 1st as the end date to give my body more time, and I think the goals, while aggressive, are achievable on that schedule.

As usual, I’ll track progress against these for all to see in my Nude Numbers posts.

Thanks for reading,

– Art



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