A Return to Normal

Hi folks,

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me and my blogging fell behind. Let’s see:

  1. Got the first functionally-complete pre-pre-pre alpha of Vlideshow’s first product working (and no, I’m not showing it yet) and proved that the technology I need exists and works! Remains to be seen if the market exists, but one thing at a time, yes?
  2. I won the Six Pack Charity Challenge; Thanks to all who voted for me and congratulations to all entrants. All said we ended up raising $3,800 for Team Continuum with this stunt.
  3. Got really sick with my usual fall flu. That sucked. And after the flu, I managed to injure my calves pretty badly as I returned to lifting with them. Stupid me…
  4. I officially switched from Marathon training to my new fitness goals.
  5. Interviewed and got volunteer gigs at two great New York City organizations.

But that’s just lame excuses. So, today I’m returning to my prior posting schedule.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.,

– Art

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