The Fattening of America

by abclarke

Obesity in America

I was being lazy this morning and ‘flicking‘ online when I ran across the following link detailing the progression of obesity in the US in the last 20 years.  Scary!!!

I would be interested to see that same data cross-referenced with rates of:

  1. Increase/decrease in portion sizes at restaurants and/or grocery stores.
  2. Advertising for food products and/or advertising for food products to kids.
  3. Price per calorie of food (broken down by restaurants vs. grocery stores).

Not to claim that we shouldn’t take responsibility for our own actions, but since I started measuring what I ate, I’ve discovered that calorie counts in restaurant food are way higher than I thought, and appear to have risen substantially over the last 20 years.  It makes sense since the marginal cost of serving more food is a small for a restaurant, yet popular with customers.

Even though I’m not obese, it’s generally a good idea for me to eat no more than half of any dish I’m served in a restaurant.