Nude Numbers (#3)

Couple of changes to presentation this week. For reference, here’s last week’s data. As with last week, data is presented in SOAP Note format:

  1. I’ve added gray areas in the weekly graphs that show the target where the lines should be. I don’t have targets yet for bike and run, but hopefully will have them next week.

Subjective Data

  1. I really relaxed my eating this week (ate whatever I wanted) and my energy level was way higher. This is good, that said…
  2. I got very unrestricted later in the week, and averaged over 3,000 calories a day and body fat crept up slightly. I’m now in danger of missing my November 10-12% target, but…
  3. I used two other alternate measurements of body-fat this week. On the Tanita “Athlete” setting on my scale, I’m getting an 8% measurement. At the gym using the caliper method, I’m getting a 10% measurement. Lastly, using the “mirror” test, I’m happier with my overall fat composition, but my abs/core need work.
  4. My shoulder hampered me on my long ride on Sunday, so I cut it short from a 65-mile target to a 38-mile ride.

Objective Data

Click here for a PDF version of my dashboard.

Hit two personal bests this week. Longest run (Saturday): 10.18 miles. Fastest 4-mile run ever (Friday): 4 miles in 30’20” (with half-mile warm up and cool down).


Well, couple of observations:

  1. Good: 2 personal bests! It appears that upping calories was a good call.
  2. Good: Back in weight room which was a miss last week, and abs / core are definitely getting stronger.
  3. Watch: Need to start watching calorie intake again, but increasing my target is the way to go.
  4. Bad: My shoulder injury from some weeks ago is still there. Not much I can do here except work on my core/abs to make sure I have good support during rides (keep shoulders relaxed), but this is an injury I’m just going to have to grit out.


  1. Put constraints back on eating, but up my calories officially from 2,000-2,250 range to 2,500-2,750 range.
  2. For now, keep body-fat at current level or below, and focus on training over body-fat for a few weeks to see if abs/core work gets me where I want anyway.
  3. Get copies of training plans so I can show targets for run and bike.

2 thoughts on “Nude Numbers (#3)

  1. GNP

    You should post photos so we can do our own “mirror” assessment. Also good to look at side-by-side photos over time to notice progress.


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