Coming clean…

by abclarke


One of the key principles behind running naked for me is admitting when you’re wrong.

G pointed out to me that in my original e-mail to folks asking for donations, I said the ride in September was “200 miles”.  In reality, it is “170 miles”.  I had my numbers wrong originally (as opposed to “marketing inflation”).  I have corrected this in past posts and on my website, but I’m coming clean about it here.

 If you have donated money, and feel jipped, let me offer you the following options:

  1. You may withdraw the money (although I hope not).
  2. You may feel some consolation that while it’s only 170 miles, my ass will feel at least 85% of the ancipated pain, which is pretty good.
  3. You may insist that I add the 30 miles somewhere during that weekend.
  4. You may suggest alternate punishments in the blog comments 🙂

Let me know!

– Art

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