5 thoughts on “Inflation-Adjusted Pictures

  1. Sofia

    Hi there

    hahaha fun headline. I know a lot about this your sentens
    “« Pain, Suffering & Financial Loss” hahaha


  2. GNP

    A modest suggestion. According to a previous post, you’re 159.5 pounds and 16.1% body fat right now. I remember a stated goal of 8-10% body fat so let’s say 9% body fat while maintaining your current amount of muscle. Rather than going through all the trouble of training for a marathan, have 12.45 pounds of fat removed via liposuction, convert the liposuction fat into 1.4 gallons of biodiesel, and use the $3.85 you make selling the fuel to subsidize the cost of the surgery.

  3. Art Clarke

    Hi Sofia,

    Good question, and I know I’m not the most experienced here. I’m not “blogging for money” per say, but I am using this blog partly to help me raise money for charity (http://www.teamcontinuum.net/athlete_page.asp?eid=3&uid=81892).

    In researching about blogging (which I did before I started this), I came across some blogs that do give good advice on how to blog with an eye towards money. One of them is Performancing.com (http://performancing.com/).

    All the sites I’ve seen seem to generally advocate the same things:
    1) Content is king — write about something you know about, keep it interesting, and keep it new.
    2) Write good headlines that grab peoples attention, and try to have good opening paragraphs to suck people in.
    3) Be shameless in your self promotion. Comment on other blogs (like you’re doing — which got me to check out your blog 🙂 ) with comments germane to that blog, but leave a link so people could come back to you if they want. Advertise your blog in e-mails you send. Tell all your friends and family, etc.

    Not sure if that helps, but good luck!

    – Art


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