When it rains, it purrs

I did my first group training run today.  It was a short run; 1 mile warm up, 1.8 mile race, 1 mile cool down.  I did the race in 14’20, which is an 8-minute mile pace.  I’m pretty happy with that — ya gotta start somewhere.  There were 3 people in the group today and I came in 2nd.

On the really cool side I’d gotten about a quarter mile into the race when the heaven’s opened and it started pouring rain. 

Not little drops; more like the Forest Service was dumping helicopters full of water on Central Park to put out a fire.

You could see people running for cover everywhere except for some runners.  They just started smiling and kept running.  And it was infectious.  I couldn’t stop grinning for the entire race.  I’m still smiling now. 

The rain didn’t stop the race, it just cooled me down and helped me run faster.  Now if I can just apply that philosophy to the other times when life rains all over me…

– Art Clarke
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4 thoughts on “When it rains, it purrs

  1. GNP

    Definitely impressive. I doubt I could run one mile in 8 minutes, let alone 3.8 miles.

    Nice observation regarding seeing the positive side when it rains. =)

  2. Jim Fanning

    Art, remember when we had that unspoken, ongoing competition running the Stevens Creek trail at Shoreline? Well, if you need a running partner give me a call any time. I need to get back into it as well.

  3. loutran

    Art, I used to run through central park in the rain and it was great! But, try running through central park in the 6 mile chase manhatten run they used to have every year. It’s elbow to asshole the whole way. Much less enjoyable!


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