I don’t want your love…

by abclarke

I don’t want your love
To save me,
To hold me,
To quiet my screams.

I don’t want your love
To say it’s all right,
To rescue me,
To lighten my pain.

I want your love
To scream
When I scream.
To feel

The dark in my mind,
The fear in my soul,
The angst in my path,
The regret in my past,
The vice in my chest,
The garrote on my throat,
The fire in my lungs,
The glass in my heart,
The joy in my dance,
The beats in my song,
The yearn in my grasp,
The heat in my thrust.

So when it ends
(And it always ends)
I know your scream
Was my scream.

This is what
I want your love
To do:
Scream with me.