Nude Numbers (#18)

For reference, here’s last week’s data. Curious what this post is about? I’m tracking my training progress for the New York Marathon. Click here for why.


I’m still a likely “no shot” for the NYC marathon but I’m keeping some hope alive. Good week last week, although I got sick (flu?) towards the end. This week the plan is for lots of rest. Woo hoo!

FYI – for some reason my blog was shut down over the weekend, but is back now.

Subjective Data

With the exception of running (which I’m still not doing), I had a good week. My weight workouts were hard and good. I did more spinning and got a short bike ride in. I still haven’t resumed swimming yet, which I’m not happy with, but my motivation to get in the water is lower now that fall is here.

My eating was mostly good all week – although Saturday and Sunday were bad. I think I have a cold or flu as well. On Saturday I was dazed all day, and on Sunday was coughing and had aches.

Objective Data

Click here for a PDF version of my dashboard.


Apart from getting sick at the end of week, I had a good week. I stuck to plan very well.

This next week was a planned rest week anyway, so in some ways the sickness is well timed. I plan to do nothing most of the week, but I will try for a 50-mile bike-ride in Connecticut on Saturday weather permitting.

I’m still working on my winter goals, but they are looking like I what I outlined last week:

  1. Be able to swim 1km without stopping by 3/1/08
  2. Be between 163 and 168 lb with a 32 inch max waist by 3/1/08

I have a potential swimming partner lined up for the winter – now we just need to find a 25 yard pool that doesn’t require membership of a gym to use (since I already have membership in another gym).


Plan for next week:

  • Rest.
  • Continue calories under control (but not crazy cutting).
  • Weather permitting, do 50 mile bike ride in CT on Saturday.
  • Do smile.

As a reminder, I get to decide on October 24th whether to try to run the marathon anyway, or take my guaranteed spot next year. Let me know your thoughts.

Presentation Notes

No changes to data presentation this week. As with last week, data is presented in SOAP Note format.

– Art

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2 thoughts on “Nude Numbers (#18)

  1. Kujo

    Marathon brainstorming…

    Risk analysis:
    I guess I would ask myself what the worst thing is that could happen if you did run this year. In other words, how badly could you mess your injury up, and how long would the worst situation take to heal? Could you mess yourself up badly enough to endanger any other parts of your life plan, like work, or other activities?

    Also, how would you feel if you tried it this year, and had to drop out before finishing? Would you be happy? Or would you feel upset? I guess I don’t know how much it matters to you to finish, versus just being part of that experience.

    In my personal experience, every time we have a black belt exam, there’s the usual training tweaks and small injuries that happen during the run up, but it’s a matter of wisdom to learn the difference between enduring them, versus ignoring pain that is signalling a real problem and should stop the show. It’s not worth crippling yourself for an ego or social boost, but it is worth showing how well you overcome obstacles.

  2. abclarke Post author

    Just a brief apology to the folks who showed up at this article based on the title: there are no pictures of naked 18-year-olds here. Sorry if I confused you on that.


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