Good news and bad news…


I finally got in to see a sports MD yesterday and get some x-rays of my leg.

So here’s the bad news: looks like I have either a stress fracture or tendonitis in my right fibula (lower leg).   Either way, the treatment is the same: I’m in a boot for the next 3 weeks with instructions to rest it and stay off the activity that caused it, so no running.  That said, if it’s a stress fracture (I hope) I still have a shot at the marathon (but it just got way more difficult).

And here’s the good news: I just found out I can save a ton on my car insurance!

Wait, no, that wasn’t it.  I don’t even own a car…

The good news is the ton of suggestions and encouragement I’ve gotten from everyone out there.  Popular consensus is to make sure I keep going to the gym, and try swimming to maintain endurance.  I don’t know how to swim efficiently (I taught myself how to swim in a river in Ireland, and so don’t know how to breathe), so this should be fun to learn.  I’ve got to figure out how to keep my right lower leg immobile while doing it, but it’s doable.  I’ll work a trainer this week to figure it out.

Stay tuned…

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