A. B. Clarke

Behind The Curtain

by abclarke

Danseuse enchants on stage,
Wisping elegance astride the shrouds,
Luminous grace between the drapes.

But behind the curtain,
Where no one sees,
She knows only darkness.

At This Stage

by abclarke

The Dean thanked his footman while alighting from his stage, walked into the hall and strode onto the stage, where the graduation was staged to celebrate the stage his students had reached.

Infinite Shakespeare Theorem

by abclarke

Corollary to the Infinite Monkey Theorem:

Given an infinite amount of time, a William Shakespeare punching at random on a typewriter would almost surely, out of frustration, eventually fling poo.

Spending Time

by abclarke

when I can:
    choose how I spend my time.
when I cannot:
    choose to be content with how I spend my time.

Trend I’ve Observed

by abclarke

An interesting relationship.


by abclarke

I am never there. I am always getting there.
But I am here. Feel the wind.

I am never done. I am always doing.
But I am here. Feel the bumps.

The road never ends. There is always more.
But I am here. Feel the curves.

I am never balanced. I am always balancing.
This is balance. I am here.

Highway Robbery

by abclarke

Uberserfs toiling.
Ubermarks coyly deny.
Ubertwits cackle.


by abclarke

There exists one person, such that this person plus you equals one.

The proof is left as an exercise for the reader.

Magic Trick

by abclarke

Man, woman, child.
Child smiles.
Woman smiles.
Man smiles.
You smile.
I smile.


by abclarke

90%. Imitation without understanding. Worthless.
9.0%. Innovation without understanding. Fleeting.
.90%. Innovation with understanding. Breakthrough.
.09%. Imitation with understanding. Transformative.


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