Shelley’s Bond

There is a calf-skin bond issued in 1648
To build dikes and canals in Holland
That still pays interest today.

Near 400 years.

For the people who built those dikes and canals
That the bond still honors,
Long since dead,
And their children dead,
And their children’s children’s children dead,
What an accomplishment!

The armies of people who dug the canals,
Who stacked the walls,
And bent nature to their will were heroes
For their work has fed generations.

The will of mankind
Over hundreds of years!

And the million-year-old sea
Smiles at mankind and says,
“Wait my precious, for I will that you return to me.”

And the billion-year-old sun
Smiles at the sea and says,
“Wait my precious, for I will that you return to me.”

An antique Dutch bond issued in 1648


Plan for Tomorrow

  • 05:00 Wake-up
  • 05:30 Workout
  • 06:30 Breakfast
  • 07:00 Start work
  • 10:00 Walk outside
  • 10:02 Accidentally cross road without looking
  • 10:02:02 Get hit by car
  • 10:02:03 Fly through air
  • 10:02:03.001 Be amazed I did not expect this
  • 10:02:03.002 Regret I did not tell you I love you today

Plan for Today

  • Tell you I love you
  • Live today, today
  • Live tomorrow, tomorrow
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Thought #17

The sun will explode in a fury some day.
But probably not tomorrow. 
And the ritual of its waltz with the earth and the stars
Soothes me so. 

Twirl glorious fireball, twirl! 
Spin blue marble, spin! 
Twinkle diamond necklaces, twinkle! 
I know your ritual is temporary, but on your lifespan no less real than mine.

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